In today’s meeting, the Breeding Commission of the umbrella organisation of German Galopp, our
Stud Farm at Sachsenburg, which, like all our equestrian organizations, operates under the name “El Sur”,
recognition as a thoroughbred stud.

We were very happy about the call and the congratulations from Marc Sonnenburg (chairman of the breeding committee).

Already last week, three representatives of the breeding commission, Dr. Hubertus Uphaus
(German gallop), Frank Dorff (Röttgen Stud) and Marc Sonnenburg (Etzean Stud)

In an on-site visit, they gained an impression of the facilities, the husbandry and rearing conditions.

We are very happy about the award and recognition for our concept and hope to be able to start live operation soon.
We will report!

Gestuet-el-Sur view