Elsur Simone und Jochen Stargardt
Elsur Simone und Jochen Stargardt

Simone & Jochen

After we, Simone & Jochen Stargardt, have made a name for ourselves in the past 15 years as successful seminar providers and academy operators, the strategic question arose as to where the journey should go in our second half of our professional lives.

further education

Of course, we remain loyal to the further education market with our offers from carriere & more and StarConTra and we will continue to maintain, nurture and lead to top performance.



El Sur Polo – Racing – Stud

With “El Sur Polo – Racing – Stud” the gap between our private passion for horses and our professional work is to be closed.


Elsur Simone und Jochen Stargardt
Elsur Sachsenburg Simone und Jochen Stargardt


Sachsenburg / Neustadt (Orla)

With the acquisition of Sachsenburg, the opportunity was created to create a unique idea
“our VISION 2025”
to realize.

An exclusive,
professional and modern thoroughbred stud.


Trademark El Sur

Entry as
“Marke Nr. 30 2019 235 792”

ElSur Markenurkunde

In all of this we rely on the 4 Ps,

the values of our entrepreneurial work:

ElSur Polo Team
ElSur Racing
ElSur Stud
ElSur Transport



Long-term entrepreneurial success cannot be achieved without passion for the subject. It is the passion that lets everyone involved go the extra mile on the way to top performance.





… It is the daily pursuit of excellence that leads to continuous improvement in the long run that ultimately makes the difference.






… the future lives from the healthy dissatisfaction with the status quo with patience and persistence in the daily challenges with our partners.





… Professionalism at all levels is what we and our partners want.






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