We can no longer hear the howl!
Tim Melzer goes bust, the Bundesliga dies, and everyone from Daimler
to the baker around the corner screams for the state.
The bad news: “THE STATE
is YOUR!!!”
We Germans are the world champions of donations when it comes to disasters on the other side of the world, but too stupid to help ourselves when a virus moves through the country.
This does not, of course, apply to everyone; Trigema produces mouthguards instead of T-shirts, doctors come back from retirement, we think that’s super cool.
We should all take this as an example!
Or as J.F. Kennedy put it so beautifully:
“Don’t ask what the state can do for you, but what you can do for your state!”
Solidarity means self-responsibility # and helpfulness andHilfsbereitschaft not the constant crying for #Staatshilfe. Stateaid means that elected politicians play fire with your money. We do not think that is a good thing and we have legitimate doubts that it will work well in the end.

So do it like a disaster, take yourself out of health and economic danger and then see where your help is needed!
If this is too strenuous, stay at home and do not moan! ?