Together with our stable colleagues and friends in the racing stable trainer Michael Figge, we participate in the initiative “Bet that …?!?” – a call by three racing enthusiasts to “show the flag” together and to help the employees and committed people in gallop racing and especially the English thoroughbreds through the corona crisis. More information at
From now on there are not only seminars in the live stream, but also gallop races; because the entrance fees are missing, more bets are needed. So let’s go, everyone € helps and brings fun. A betting slip makes you a co-owner for a few minutes.
Being the owner of our trainer Michael Figge also means being part of a large and reliable family. But family also means responsibility! This is what we are facing. With a view to galloping and beyond. That’s why we like to join us in “Betting that …?” – and thank all our teammates for making a small idea a great opportunity. No virus will be able to stop us! Never! Committed to thoroughbreds.