The training and training program of Deutscher Galopp will be carried out by the Academy of German Gallops in the future.

In future, Deutscher Galopp will bundle the training and further education program (owner trainer course, first aid on the horse, etc.) into its own academy and significantly expand the range of services on offer.

The organization is taken over by StarConTra GmbH Stargardt Consulting & Training. The group of companies is primarily active in continuing vocational training and offers employee development programs for corporations and small and medium-sized enterprises.

“We are pleased about the cooperation with a very busy company, which is managed by Jochen Stargardt of a racing company. With the expansion of our didactic offering, we want to introduce even more people to our fascinating sport,” says Jan Pommer, Managing Director of Deutscher Galopp.

Jochen Stargardt, owner coach from Stuttgart, explains: “As a novice in gallop sports, I am of course still thirsty for knowledge. We want to create a wide range of training opportunities for all stakeholders in the gallop. In the coming year, we will offer, evaluate and adapt our offer accordingly.”

In order to be able to tailor the offer to the needs of the stakeholders, StarConTra and Deutscher Galopp would like to gather suggestions and ideas in the coming weeks. Please send your requests to

Jochen Stargardt
StarConTra Ltd.
Porschering 14
71404 Korb
Phone: +49(0)7151-1690655

Marina Hintze
Deutscher Galopp e.V.
Rennbahnstrasse 154
50737 Köln
Phone. +49 (0)221 74 98-12
Mobile +49 (0)172 40 27 078

The press release “Akademie Deutscher Galopp” can also be found here as a PDF file.