We had 2 starters yesterday as part of the Sales & Racing Festival at the racecourse in Iffezheim near Baden-Baden.

Our 2-year-old Northern Starlet, prepared by Michael Figge, reached for the stars in the Group 3 highlight of the day and took on the best mares of the year. In the end, the ranking was 9th out of 10.

Nevertheless, our young lady did remarkably well, she ran in the front in the first half of the race, she had to admit defeat at the beginning of the home straight and then fought back at the end. The verdict of her regular jockey, Gavin Ashton, was very positive. This gives hope for the 3-year campaign next year, then at a much longer distance. She is now going into the winter break as a placed 2-year-old with a rather late-maturing pedigree. She will receive a Diana mention from us.


The second starter was our Queen of Starlets, prepared by Gerald Geisler, who secured the last place money in the Young Talent Award of the Mehl-Mühlens-Foundation under Antonia von der Recke. After a perfect race at the beginning, Antonia had to pick up the mare again because of two slowing opponents, which of course cost a lot of momentum, otherwise 3rd place would have been possible.

Queen of Starlets will now continue in France, where she should ideally receive a French handicap mark this year.