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El Sur Stud Farm starts operations

Already on Christmas Eve the first mares moved in. “The timing was not entirely unconscious! This was a lifelong dream come true for me, which I wanted to enjoy as intensively and consciously as possible, for which the time between Christmas and the turn of the year was of course tailor-made! And I can say that it succeeded, it was so that I can hardly describe it in words. Leading the mares to the paddock themselves in the morning, feeling the breath of the horses on their ears and then watching them gallop into the sunrise with powerful gallop jumps, that sounds like Rosamunde Pilcher, but it’s real food for the soul, that’s freedom!” enthuses the owner, Jochen Stargardt, who gave himself a Christmas present.

In the future, Robert Tim will be responsible for the daily care of the horses. The native Hungarian is not only an experienced horseman, but his heart beats for thoroughbreds. Robert Tim completed his training at the Hungarian National Stud in the 90s and then gained several years of professional experience there. After that, he ended up in Switzerland. There he worked for over 20 years in both the thoroughbred and warmblood sectors. Since 2022, he has moved to Germany for love and worked for dressage horses in an exclusive private stud in the greater Munich area. “The advertisement from El Sur Stud immediately appealed to me,” reports the 50-year-old, “it’s the chance to help build something completely new and it’s the way back to my beloved thoroughbreds for me.”

Robert Tim has already moved in with his partner, who will be the good soul of the household in the future. “Robert Tim and I are two horse maniacs who understand each other without many words, our sense of entitlement is 100% synchronous, that was already clear after the first joint stable service. I think almost our mares feel overlooked after now, here it’s like in a 5-star hotel, too much service is sometimes annoying,” reports Jochen Stargardt with a wink.

“With the official launch on 01.01.2024, the services of El Sur Stud will also be available to other breeders and owners. We offer boarding for thoroughbred broodmares as well as places for convalescents or racehorses who want to take a break from the racing stable.
We have all the possibilities to keep the horses in condition or to bring them back into shape. In addition to sufficient paddocks, there are all-weather paddocks, a large walker as well as a covered 20m round pen for lunging and riding. Since we want to remain a small boutique business, we can respond to the needs of the horses individually,” says Jochen Stargardt, who will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

El Sur
Stud Farm

Sachsenburg 4
07806 Neustadt a.d. Orla
Phone: 0177-243 253 4
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